The history of JSC “Biokhimmash” began in 1974, when the Institute was set ambitious targets to develop biochemistry in order to ensure the security of the state and the development of the national economy as a whole. It was planned to build new modern enterprises and scientific centers specializing in biotechnology in the country.

In early 1979, the Institute moved into its new building situated on Klara Tsetkin street in Moscow. By this time, a team of almost 1500 people had already been shaped, structurally consisting of scientific-and-technological, scientific-and-technical, scientific-and-design and project departments. An interdepartmental scientific council was established at the Institute to award academic degrees in the field of “biotechnology”.

In 1994, the Institute went through privatization procedures resulting in creation of Open Joint Stock Company “Institute of the Applied Biochemistry and Machine-Building”, in short, JSC “Biokhimmash”, on its basis.

At present, the organization still retains the glorious traditions of Soviet science and, as a self-funded organization, continues conducting research in many areas, including healthcare, outer space, environmental protection, energy efficiency.

Our task is to make the planet a better, cleaner, lighter place.

Kartashov Maksim Sergeyevich
General Director of JSC “Biokhimmash”

     “”Solving complicated scientific problems alone is beyond the power of any organization. Each question should be resolved in such place where the best conditions for this are provided: personnel, infrastructure, traditions.

If there are standard laboratory procedures for a new product with a market perspective, then we undertake to create a manufacturing process, choose or design the necessary equipment, ensure performance of installation and commissioning operations and deliver a turnkey manufacturing facility.

Cooperation is the key principle of our activity. We think of ourselves as a part of world biotechnology industry and strive to actively work in its various fields, to participate in various events at the regional, national and international levels.

The Institute is focused on the development of science, the creation of new technologies, the formation of industrial biotechnological clusters.

This aspect of our activity is also manifested in the term “Bioplanet”.“.