Services provided by the Institute

Since 1985, the Institute has been engaged in cultivation of rare and endangered species of higher plants by biotechnological methods and transferring them to the cell culture. We can develop and receive for you biotechnological raw materials of high quality for new pharmacological, food and cosmetic products based on rare medicinal plants.
On the basis of our Institute facilities we have created a technological chain, from production of cell cultures of higher plants and their cultivation to separation of active substances.

Biotechnology allows:
– Growing the biomass of rare medicinal plants and endangered plant species in a semi-industrial volume;
– Producing vegetable raw materials with unique properties at the Customer request.

We offer:

– Producing for the Customer of higher plants (rare and endangered species) cell cultures containing valuable biologically active substances;
– Producing of laboratory, experimental, semi-industrial batches of plant cells biomass containing necessary BAS, in fermenters with a volume of 16, 100 and 630 liters;
– Development and testing of technology for production of valuable biologically active substances based on plant cell biomass;
– Technologies scaling from laboratory to semi-industrial ones;
– Consultations in the field of biotechnology of higher plants cells.
– Collaboration in development of technologies and preparations based on plant cell cultures.
– Separation services on the separator Alfa Laval SA104 (20 000 rpm)
– Services for filtration at the Customer request on the filtration unit МФС-2х1М100.
– Services for biomass cells cultivation on own equipment (technological pilot production line).
– Sterilization services using ВК-75 equipment.