Investing is the process of employment of capital for purposes of profit. Investments are directed towards such sectors as business, production or agriculture. Science is often considered as an object of interest of the State having a stake in scientific and technical progress which makes it possible to move onward and upward in production, defense, and economy as a whole.

Investments in science can be of interest to potential customers.

The Institute has considerable physical resources, a wealth of experience and, most importantly, a scientific potential retaining the traditions and developing through the involvement of young scientists.

The Institute independently develops new preparations and is open to joint activities in the field of biotechnology. Investors can take part in co-funding of developments with subsequent participation in dividends distribution. This can seriously shorten the time required for developing, testing and introduction of products.

Third-party organizations also may, on a contractual basis, place orders with the Institute for the development of various substances.

The Institute views investments in science as a mutually beneficial process targeted at making the planet a better place.