Biodegradation agent of oil and oil products

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Biological preparation is intended for use in remediation of oil contaminated territories. With the help of the biological preparation it is possible to utilize various types of crude oil: high- and low-paraffin oil, oil with high sulfur content, etc .; as well as various types of petroleum products: fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline and kerosene; aromatic substances.

The technology has been developed for obtaining a biodegradation agent of oil, which is a carefully selected community of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms that successfully operate in natural and anthropogenic ecosystems. The microorganisms of the community are able to oxidize effectively a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons, including aromatic hydrocarbons, in a broad range of temperatures (8 – 35 °C) and environmental acidity (pH 3.5 – 10.0) with an optimum of 6.5 – 7.5. Biological preparation works at a high level of contamination up to 20%, with a high content of heavy aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

The advantage of this preparation is that it is obtained in dry form using a new technology of spray drying, which ensures its low cost, while maintaining high activity (cell concentration in the preparation is 1010 cells/g). The production and use of bio logical preparation is compare favorably by relatively low cost and energy costs, easy transportation, lack of secondary waste, ecological safety associated with the ability to decompose hydrocarbons of oil into ecologically neutral compounds.

The developed biological preparation corresponds to the level of the best domestic and foreign developments in this field.