Microbiological synthesis technologies

Synthesis of structural elements or products of microorganism metabolism by means of enzyme systems inherent in a microbial cell. In microbiological synthesis, as in any organic synthesis, complex substances are derived from simpler compounds.

A significant part of products formed in the course of microbiological synthesis has physiological activity and is of practical value for the national economy.


Biotechnologies for agricultural purposes

The creation of biological crop protection agents is a traditional direction in agricultural biotechnology for the Institute. Today, the Institute has created a new-generation bacterial insecticide combining high efficiency, convenience of storage and use, and environmental safety.

In the department of technologies and preparations based on bacterial and fungal cultures of the Institute, the plant growth stimulator «Mycephyt» was developed to treat seeds and vegetative plants.


Medical biotechnologies

We are conducting studies to create biotechnological methods of manufacturing substances serving as the basis for pharmaceuticals and other medical preparations. Based on the suspension plant cells cultivation, a technology for production of the following preparations has been developed.

Technologies for obtaining cultures of hormone-producing cells of endocrine glands has been perfected. An original technology for the production of a well-known preparation of bifidumbacterin has been developed.


Outer space biotechnologies

In the field of outer space biotechnology, the Institute interacts with the Federal Space Agency, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” and a number of state scientific centers of Russia.

Along with earth-bound experiments, space studies are also being conducted, previously at “Mir” station, and now on the ISS (International Space Station). The work is carried out both for the purpose of fundamental research, and for solving applied problems.


Environmental biotechnologies

The main environmental problem we are trying to solve by means of biotechnology is the biodegradation of xenobiotics which are substances that are not naturally biodegradable. They occurred as a result of technogenic pollution of territories with oil and oil products, dioxins, etc.

We have created a highly effective preparation –  biodegradant of oil and oil products and perfected the technology of its production.



Designing of enterprises

JSC “Biokhimmash” has a many years’ experience in creating enterprises operating in biotechnology, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. We carry out designing both on the basis of the Institute’s own technological developments and according to the regulations of other organizations.

JSC “Biokhimmash” is a member of the Association of Designers of Hazardous Facilities “SPETSPROEKTOBYEDINENIE” and has certificate of admission to the work affecting safety of capital construction facilities No. SPO-076-1-7711055120-30122010 dated December 30, 2010.