Biotechnologies for agricultural purposes

Biotechnologies for agricultural purposes

The creation of biological crop protection agents is a traditional direction in agricultural biotechnology for the Institute. Today, the Institute has created a new-generation bacterial insecticide combining high efficiency, convenience of storage and use, and environmental safety.

In the department of technologies and preparations based on bacterial and fungal cultures of the Institute, the plant growth stimulator «Mycephyt» was developed to treat seeds and vegetative plants.

Unlike existing mycorrhizal growth stimulators, “Mycephyt” does not contain living cells, it is produced by the hardware method and has a broad spectrum of effect.

The Institute has developed an original technology that allows to manufacture, on an industrial scale, one of the most effective veterinary antibiotics – Tilozin, as well as the master formula for the amino acid – lysine.

Preparations intended for use in various fields of agriculture have been created – dеkоntil  and dekapin.